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Available Now! Read "No One's A Stranger Twice" by Alastair Gillies. 150 years of Methodism in the Formby Community. Available from church or Derbyshire's in Formby village for £10.

Foreword by Rev Dr Sheryl Anderson

Chair of Liverpool Methodist District

I first knew of the village of Formby way back in the mid 1960s when my mother’s oldest friend moved there from Birkdale and we came as a family to stay at Easter time. However, it was not until I came to serve as Chair of the Liverpool Methodist District that I discovered Elbow Lane Methodist Church, with its history of worship and service in the community. Nevertheless, it was not until I had the privilege of reading this book, that I came to appreciate the breadth and depth of this history.

As this beautifully illustrated publication testifies, from the opening of the Chapel in 1874 to the present day, the Methodists of Formby continue to understand their faith in the context of community life. The building is used by many community groups for a wide range of activities and the groups offered by the church itself cater for all age ranges. The challenge, as usual, lies in enabling participants to take the step from attending a group to coming to worship.

Perhaps, then, there is something to be learned from this book, as it traces the history of Elbow Lane Methodist Church not simply in terms of a sequence of events but also through the people who have built up the Methodist community over the years. Lay and ordained, those who have enabled, instigated, inspired and encouraged for 150 years can be found in these pages. It is valuable to be able to identify particular individuals whose lives have promoted the flourishing of others in mission and service. It also important to remember all the unknown disciples whose unseen contribution has offered comfort, or purpose, or a sense of belonging to so many over the years.

This book, carefully researched and thoughtfully written, is not only an account of the history of Elbow Lane Methodist Church, but also a tribute to the people of God called Methodists in Formby for the last 150 years. Above all, it is a testament to what God can do in and with a community when people are committed together to something greater than themselves. Enjoy! You are in for a treat.

2024 Events List


Tuesday 25th June at 7:30pm

"Sefton Ladies Choir"

Entry to event by donation on the night.


Sunday 14th July at 10:30am

"Church 150th Anniversary Service"

with Guest Preacher


Sunday 6th October at 10:30am

"150th Anniversary of 1st Service at Elbow Lane"

Rev David Somerville


Friday 11th October at 7:30pm

"Aughton Male Voice Choir"

Entry to event by donation on the night.



150 Years of Methodism in Formby 1874 to 2024


2024 marks the 150th anniversary of Methodism in Formby. To celebrate that history there is a series of special commemorative events (see right).



Last Updated: 10th June, 2024